Why do I need a Car Tracker

author:aodiheng Release time:Jan 05, 2021
Our advanced Car Trackers provide security and peace of mind that your vehicle is protected from theft.
Why do I need a Car Tracker?
If, god forbid, your car is stolen, a tracking device uses VHF, GSM or GPS tracking to send out regular updates about its position with the latest in real time tracking technology. These updates are received by the team at headquarters, who can then monitor the location of your vehicle and take appropriate action.
Car devices like trackers offer the ultimate piece of mind. But this isn't their only advantage - did you know that car trackers could actually lower your insurance premium? This is because they're recognised as a safety measure against vehicle theft, with brands like Smartrack and Vodafone Automotive standing in particularly good stead.
Where can I find recognised Car Trackers?
Technology is always improving and we can provide and install a range of technologically advanced car trackers from top brands such as Trackstar / Teletrac Navman (formerly Trafficmaster), Vodafone Automotive (formerly CobraTrak), SmarTrack and Tracker. Our team at Tracker Fit has a wealth of experience in vehicle security and can advise you on the best car tracker for your needs. Nationwide installation is included when you buy a car tracker device, and all installations are carried out by Thatcham approved installers, who have years of experience when it comes to these invaluable car devices.