Which one is safer for the installation-free GPS positioning or the wiring locator

author:aodiheng Release time:Jan 05, 2021
The installation-free car GPS locator has a built-in large-capacity battery and adopts the principle of strong magnetic adsorption, which can be adsorbed on the roof or chassis of the car or hidden places. It is characterized by no need to wire, long standby time, and alarm when the device is removed. So, is it really safe for car owners to avoid installing a GPS tracker?
If you have been paying attention to the car GPS industry, then you must know that the first generation of GPS products are wired, they need to be connected with the car power supply to provide power to the device, and some have an external antenna, which makes them The installation location is very fixed. Just follow the wiring of the vehicle to find the GPS installed in the vehicle. If the vehicle is targeted by a bad person, it is easy to destroy it. The installation-free GPS locator was born under such a situation, because it does not require wiring, so the installation location is chosen by the owner, how to conceal it, just pay attention not to block its receiving signal, so it is safe to avoid installing the GPS locator The sex is relatively high compared to the wiring type.
However, the installation-free GPS locator also has its shortcomings. Because of the need to ensure the durability of the battery, the most common use of the wiring-free locator is the timing positioning, that is, the periodic positioning, that is, the location information is sent back to the device regularly every day On the monitoring platform, you can set normal positioning mode, periodic positioning mode, smart power saving mode, and super power saving mode. In addition, the function of the installation-free GPS locator is slightly different from the function of the wired locator. The wiring-free locator is mostly used for remote listening and recording, remote monitoring, and timing positioning of the vehicle. The most important feature of the wired locator is the oil-electric control. It can be used to control the continued driving of vehicles after theft of cars, motorcycles, etc.; however, the installation of GPS-free locators are mostly used for financial risk control in the financial industry, vehicle management and monitoring in the leasing industry, fleet and cargo management and monitoring in the logistics and transportation industry, and enterprises and institutions Car management and monitoring, school bus safety management and monitoring and other industries.